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 Your pet will be trimmed to your specifications.  We can help you select a trim appropriate for your pet.  Concentration and quiet are essential during this step because a sudden movement by your pet could change his/her hair style drastically.  Any source of distraction such as arrivals, phone calls or unexpected noises can cause the pets to lose focus and become distracted.  When this happens we have to stop and calm your pet to resume grooming.  This is why we try to control the time of pick-ups.

 *Allotted times depend on the breed, size, and temperament of your pet and of course, the hairdo style.

 Your cooperation assists in the grooming of your pet.

1.  Please call if you are unable to keep your appointment.

2.   It is important to arrive at the specified time so the various steps are not rushed or interrupted.  We will call you or designate a time for you to pick up your pet.

3.  Please walk your pet before bringing him/her to their spa appointment.