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Deluxe Bath and Brush-out with Styling Includes:

Your pet will receive a warm water massage bath in our hydro bathing system, including an oatmeal and blueberry facial cleanser, followed by a shampoo and conditioner, selected specifically for your pet’s coat and skin condition. All products used are soap and detergent free and will not affect any spot-on flea and/or tick treatments.  Only non-toxic and environmentally safe products are used.

Your pet will be trimmed to your specification.  We can help you select a trim appropriate for your pet.

Your pet’s nails will be trimmed

Your pet’s ears will be cleaned and deodorized, unless an infection or other medical problem is suspected.  If applicable, ear hair will be removed.

If requested, anal sacs will be checked.

*Breed and price: 
Airdale Terrier $50-70
Bichon Frise $45-50
Border Collie $40-60
Brittany $40-450
Brussels Griffon $40-45
Cairn Terrier $40-45
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel $40-45
Chihuahua (long haired) $25-35
Collie (rough) $50-70
Dachshund (long haired) $25
Havanese $40-50
Lhasa Apso $45-50
Papillon $40-45
Pekingese $45
Pomeranian $45
Poodle (miniature or toy) $40-45
Golden Retriever $50-70
Scottish Terrier $40-45
English Setter $50-70
Shih Tzu $45
Cocker Spaniel $50-70
English Springer Spaniel $50-70
Schnauzer (miniature) $40-45
West Highland White Terrier $40-45
Yorkshire Terrier $40 

*Prices are for pets that are mat free and groomed on a regular schedule (every 4-8 weeks, depending on breed). Prices may vary depending on size and behavioral problems.

Deluxe Bath includes nails trimmed, ears cleaned, shampoo, conditioner, and brush-out.  Prices are determined primarily by frequency of grooming, temperament, weight and hair type (short).

Small breeds (4-12lbs)                $20                              Large breeds (40-50lbs)                $35

Small-med breeds (12-25lbs)      $25                              Larger breeds (50-65lbs)               $40

Med-Large breeds (25-40lbs)      $30

Additional Services Available

Shed-Less Program:  This program works well on shedding breeds including Labs, Collies, mixed shedding breeds, etc.  Not only will your pet be pampered, but you will enjoy having less hair to remove from your furniture and floors.  Sometimes this service is referred to as the Furminator.  What’s included:

      Special shampoo and conditioner that keep the coat clean and strong

      Unique grooming techniques to get out loose, undercoat

      This treatment works best when performed on a regular basis, usually every 4-6 weeks. 

       Call 252-745-0357 for pricing (depends on breed size).

Add-on Spa Services Available with Full Grooming/Styling

Teeth brushing       $5

Nail filing (grinding with Dremel)      $10

Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz to help fight fungus, bacteria and germs      $8

Grapeseed Oil Paw Revitalizer for dry and cracked paws      $6

Nail Polish Application      $10

Hand stripping     $40/hr

Dematting (very limited)     $40/hr

We carry a limited selection of Oxyfresh products for your pet’s oral hygiene needs.

Non-Full Services Available

Teeth brushing   $10

Nail clipping   $10

Nail filing (grinding)   $10

Anal sacs   $10

Call 252-745-0357 to schedule your canine family member's spa appointment!!